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Take a virtual tour of Cedar Road Meats

Cedar Road Meats was founded in June of 2004 and is one of the cleanest and most recently built state inspected processing facility in Wisconsin. Cedar Road Meats is Federally Approved for slaughter, processing and cured/smoked products. We are approved to ship our smoked goods outside of Wisconsin and are approved for intrastate slaughter. Our facility is state of the art with a complete start to finish operation. From the holding pens in the back, through the processing room and finishing up at the store front serving you, the customer. Cedar Road Meats offers many services: butchering for local producers, custom cutting of halves and quarters, retail cuts and pigs for roasts for private parties. We are proud to have Matt Malterer our 1st generation head butcher and sausage maker.

We offer local raised beef and pork as a half or quarter, our top selling bacon, tasty brats, old fashioned wieners, ring bologna,  hams and fresh frozen cuts of beef and pork.

We welcome you to visit our Retail Store (located on site) as we offer a wide range of quality products.

  • Six Types of Bacon

  • Nine Brat Flavors

  • Beef Jerky

  • Old Fashioned Summer Sausage

  • Old Fashioned Snack Sticks

  • Ring Bologna

  • Plus, all fresh frozen cuts of beef and pork, chicken and fish

We do understand if you can't make the trip to Iron Ridge, WI, you can order your favorite products online.  We can ship our products (on ice) anywhere you like. There's nothing better than Authentic Wisconsin Meat and Cheese for those unlucky enough to live outside our great state.

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